A Clean House: The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

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Women still do the majority of housework in the U.S., averaging more hours in both household labor and management. This is true even in households where they earn as much or more than their spouses.

At least 59% report doing more chores than their partner, and 74% manage most of the childcare. Married women can average even more household work than single moms.

Are you still searching for perfect gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Why not give the mom(s) in your life the gift of a clean house?

There are many reasons why hiring a house cleaning service is the ultimate thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. Keep reading this article to learn more.

Reduces Mental Load

Mental load refers to the cognitive labor we perform throughout the day. This includes managing tasks in the workplace, in our relationships, and in running a household.

Have you ever felt exhausted after a long day of work, managing an event, or spending all day helping a friend through a crisis? Even if you didn’t perform very much physical activity? This exhaustion comes from all your mental labor, which can be just as draining as physical labor.

The mental load for household management can be especially taxing. Unlike work, the mental load of household management never really stops. It includes managing:

  • School, work, and extracurricular activity schedules
  • Childcare and school resources, transportation, etc.
  • House cleaning and division of chores
  • Meal preparation, grocery shopping, and cooking
  • Budgets, bill payments, and household financial health
  • Care and labor for family members with additional health needs (mental/ physical disabilities, old age, illness, etc)
  • Support needed for family members to complete goals and tasks
  • Educational needs such as homework help, grades, parent-teacher meetings

These may sound small and light individually. But added together, they equal a constant running list of concerns in the back of your mind.

Dads have progressively become more involved in household and childcare management since the 1950s. However, moms are still on the hook for most household mental loads. Too much without a break can lead to anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

A mom’s mental load means they know the tasks that don’t get completed on Mother’s Day will just be waiting for them tomorrow. A clean house gives moms a real break from their mental and emotional labor.

Eases Emotional Labor

On top of mental load, emotional labor refers to the invisible but omnipresent management of both your emotions and the people around you. The goal is to increase everyone’s overall happiness.

If you’ve ever felt you had “to keep the harmony” you’ve done emotional labor. It applies to both professional and domestic life.

Common workplace examples include using customer service manners, resolving conflict, and managing schedules. Similar to professional settings, emotional labor at home includes:

  • Managing the household to avoid conflicts and disruption (mental load)
  • Checking in emotionally to see if everyone is happy/satisfied
  • Resolving household conflicts and disputes
  • Keeping track of important milestones, such as birthdays, holidays, graduations, etc.
  • Keeping up communication with long-distance family members
  • Ensuring loved ones who need extra care are comfortable and safe
  • Praise and support for work, education, or task completion

These may not look like much at a glance, but imagine working a customer service job all day. You have dozens of tasks to manage to keep your customers and co-workers happy, and regular conflicts to handle throughout the day.

Now imagine you had to do this all day every day without any time off. You would become emotionally exhausted.

Moms are still expected to perform most of the emotional labor in families. This can lead to emotional burnout, stress, and fatigue.

House cleaners are a great Mother’s Day gift because they acknowledge the unpaid, invisible work moms do. They also give moms a much-needed release from their emotional labor and mental load.

Gives Moms Real Leisure Time

There are many great Mother’s Day gift ideas that include time away from the away house, such as spa days or fancy dinners. However, this only gives moms a brief and temporary break. Their mental load may not even shut off completely.

A housecleaning service will let them have actually time off from the constant physical, mental, and emotional labor. They can enjoy their time away or even just watch Netflix all day in their pajamas without worrying about the house cleaning that’s piling up for when Mother’s Day is over.

Great for Total Mother’s Day Fun

Personalized gifts show you really love and care about someone, and that you’ll make an effort for them beyond clicking “check out” on an online shopping cart. Moms especially enjoy Mother’s Day gift ideas based on their hobbies and preferred leisure time, according to surveys and market research.

For example, foodies and wine moms love edible gifts. You could surprise them with delicious gourmet snacks displayed in a deep-cleaned kitchen.

If you have an adventurous mom in your life, you could surprise them with a fun day trip and a sparkling clean house when they get back. The Mother’s Day possibilities are endless!

Easier Cleaning for Everyone

House cleaning services can do the extra deep cleaning that we don’t always have the time and energy to complete on a regular basis. This includes:

  • Shampooing and spot treating carpets
  • Scouring bathtubs and showers
  • Cleaning blinds, ceiling fans, and other difficult areas
  • Washing and disinfecting trash cans
  • Cleaning out microwaves, stoves, and other major appliances
  • Removing and wiping down light fixtures
  • Vacuuming under furniture or other hard-to-reach areas

Deep house cleaning makes the whole home feel cleaner and brighter. It also makes the house easier to clean for days or even weeks afterward.

Don’t Wait on Mother’s Day Gifts- Schedule a Clean House Today!

Moms don’t always get the appreciation they deserve or the rest they need from all the invisible, unpaid work they do. Even the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas aren’t complete without a real day of relaxation from responsibilities.

A clean house will make moms happy in so many ways. Contact us today to make your Mother’s day gift complete!

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