eco-friendly cleaning products

Why You Should Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products and Services

Have you ever thought about the ingredients in your cleaning supplies? It takes …
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how much does a cleaning service cost

How Much Does a Cleaning Service Cost?

Americans spend about six hours a week cleaning their homes. What can you …
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how often should you clean the bathroom

How Often Should You Clean the Bathroom?

Did you know that the average bathroom floor is home to 764 bacteria …
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hire a cleaner

How to Hire a Cleaner for Your Home: A Step by Step Guide

Want to keep your home squeaky clean this year? You don’t have to …
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high touch surfaces

High Touch Surfaces and Areas in Your Home to Disinfect Regularly

How many times a day do you touch a light switch? How about …
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clean house

A Clean House: The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Women still do the majority of housework in the U.S., averaging more hours …
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how to clean a computer

Bits and Grime: How to Clean a Computer

Did you know that the average household in the United States has approximately …
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green cleaning service

Traditional vs Green Cleaning Service: What’s the Difference?

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, …
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clean a tv

How to Clean a TV

Picture it: you’re sitting down, dinner in hand, after a long day at …
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how to clean light bulbs

How to Clean Light Bulbs: A Quick Guide

Did you know that falls are among the leading causes of injuries occurring …
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