How to Clean a TV

clean a tv

Picture it: you’re sitting down, dinner in hand, after a long day at work. Your feet barely hit their resting spot when you turn on your television, and there it is! A speck of dirt, handprint, smudge, or whatever else it may be is right on your favorite actor’s face.

At this point, you have two options you could either pack up your Friday night and move it to another room or simply take a moment to clean your TV. Don’t know how to clean off the screen or any part of your TV, to be honest? Then you’re in luck.

Everything you need to know about how to clean a TV is below. All you need to do is keep on reading.

First, Unplug

Of all the TV cleaning tips you’ll hear, unplugging the television from the wall is the one you need to remember. Even professionals know the importance of this tip. Removing the device’s source of electricity will keep you safe in the event of a cleaning solution spill and allow you to clean with peace of mind.

Just remember to check the TV’s chord before you plug it back in. If you find any water or solution on the wire, wipe it off before you give it access to electricity.

How to Clean Dirt/Dust off the Screen

Before you consider spraying your TV with cleaner, you’ll need to remove dust from the screen. For best results, turn your TV off before dusting and find a way to shine a light on the screen. You could do this by opening the blinds, turning on an overhead light, using a flashlight, or all of the above.

Once you have adequate light on your screen, take a microfiber cloth and wipe it up to down across your screen. Next, take the same towel or a different one if necessary, and run it left to right across the screen. Going both directions will make sure the entire screen is thoroughly cleaned.

If you come across any problem areas on the screen while dusting, do not spray them with water or surface cleaners. The wrong mixture of ingredients will damage the screen, causing more issues than smudges. Instead, use a TV screen wipe or cleaner with screen-safe formulas.

How to Clean a TV Body

Chances are, if your TV screen has fingerprints, its body will too. The good news is, fingerprints are almost as easy to remove from the body as they are from the screen. The bad news, the cleaning process may involve a few extra steps.

Just like the screen, you’ll need to dust the television’s body before you use any cleaning solutions. You can use the same microfiber towel to clean the screen, or you could opt for a feather duster. Wipe down the border, stand, buttons, and back of the TV a few times and use the room’s lighting to view your work.

After your television is dusted, take a disinfectant wipe or damp cloth to remove problem areas. When you’re satisfied with the state of the television’s body, use a clean/dry microfiber towel to dry and buff the wet portions of the TV. Drying the body yourself will prevent water spotting and staining.

How to Clean the TV’s Speakers

If your speakers are causing more of a problem than your screen, maybe it is time to clean them too. Obviously, you cannot wipe speakers down like your screens, but there is still a way to remove dirt from them. One of the easiest ways to get loose dirt from speaker holes is compressed or canned air.

All you need to do is position the straw-like opening of the can under your television’s speakers and spray. The air should come out quickly, removing the loose dirt clogging your speakers. For tougher pieces of dirt, take a section of tape use the sticky side to pick up compacted grime.

Just make sure you lightly press the tape onto the speakers. Too much force may push the dirt in further. You can also use q-tips and toothpicks to get in between the small holes of the speakers.

Once you finish with the toothpick, take your canned air and give the speaker another spray. The grime you loosened will fall.

How to Clean Your Remote

Arguably the dirtiest part of your Television setup (and home) is the remote. You touch it, drop it, spill last night’s dessert on it, and so much more. So, before you finish your TV cleaning for the night/day, take a moment to restore your remote’s cleanliness.

Similar to your television, you’ll need to remove your remote’s batteries before you begin cleaning it. After your remove, the power source, flip the remote upside down and slap it across your hand/knee. Any loose debris stuck in between the buttons should fall during this process.

Then, take a disinfectant wipe or damp cloth to wipe the surface of the remote and its keys. If you come across any tough smudges/stains, spend a moment whipping the remote with the cloth, the spot should come up fast. Afterward, set the remote aside and wait for it to dry.

Once it’s dry, click each button to ensure none are stuck. If you come across any stuck buttons, use a toothpick to remove any hard-to-reach dirt. If you want to go the extra mile, use some of that canned air to ensure the dirt is gone.

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