Maintenance Cleaning Service in Concord, NH

Our maintenance cleaning consists of us dusting the walls, the crown molding ,baseboards and the baseboard heaters in every room. We dust all furniture, lifting items to dust under, wiping the item before putting it back down. We clean all glass mirrors, dust bedframes and vacuum lampshades. We dust the door frames, door moldings, window frames, windowsills and lock ledges.

We make beds or change the linens if they are left out for us. We spot wash insides of windows. We wash sinks and drains, faucet fixtures, vanity top and vanity top front and sides. We wash toothbrush holders and soap dishes.

We clean the toilet inside and under lip, drain cavity, front, sides, plumbing behind, the set entirely, around the clips, the top of the tank, the plumbing behind and we sanitize the handle. We scrub the showers and bathtubs including the ledge above the walls to remove dust buildup. We Vacuum stairs and sanitize railings. We vacuum furniture including underneath (if the furniture is light enough to be moved).

We dust all shelving, book tops and knick knacks. We will treat leather furniture with leather cleaner. We wash all counters including the backsplash, carefully picking items up to wipe under. We wipe around all cabinet and drawer pulls. We wash all the appliances, tops, fronts and sides that can be reached, and if they are stainless steel we will polish them. We wash the drain cups of coffee makers and tea kettle outsides. We wipe down the microwave, inside, outside and under.

We wash the kitchen sink, the drain and the drain plug (if it is out for us) and the faucet hardware. We wipe down the dining room table and chairs including the seats and rungs under. We vacuum all carpets, if they are small with no furniture on them then we vacuum, lift, wash under and replace, if they have furniture on them we lift to vacuum under the edges. We vacuum and wash all hard flooring. We empty all garbage bins throughout the home and wipe them out, except for the kitchen garbage. (if the bin is empty we will wipe the kitchen garbage bin).


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