Cleaning Your House for Holiday Guests

Cleaning Your House for Holiday Guests

So you got roped into hosting your family for the holidays again, did you? Don’t stress! Maid For You is here with some great advice on one of the biggest items on your guest prep to-do list – cleaning your house! You don’t have time to deep clean every inch of your house when there are meals to cook, gifts to buy, entertainment to plan, etc. So let’s focus on a few key areas we KNOW guests will notice. Keep reading to find out which spots you simply can’t skip when prepping your home for holiday guests.


If you ask us what is the one thing that MUST be done to get a home party-ready, this is it. Your guests may not notice a little dust on the baseboards, but they will certainly notice your unfolded laundry and junk mail strewn about. To tackle the clutter, start at the front door and follow the path you expect your guests to take, probably to the kitchen or living area, gathering up misplaced items as you go.

Don’t forget to declutter the coat closet as well! We know this space is more commonly used as a catch all than it is for guest’s outerwear, but when it comes time for a holiday gathering, you’ll be happy you made room.


Continue your decluttering in the kitchen by clearing countertops of any unnecessary food items and small appliances. Wipe down appliances including the inside of the microwave as your overnight guests will most likely utilize this at some point during their stay. Purge your refrigerator of expired and smelly foods and speaking of smelly, don’t forget to clean the kitchen sink and garbage disposal – it’s going to get a lot of use during your hosting duties.


Most people remember to clean the guest bathroom before a party, but our advice is to clean ALL the bathrooms so they’re available for guest use. With a crowded house it’s inevitable that two guests will need to use the bathroom at the same time and offering up a dirty secondary bathroom is not a good look.

Be sure to clean the toilets including the seats and floor around the bases where odors can linger. Scrub the shower and don’t forget to check the drain for hair. Don’t neglect the finishing touches like polishing mirrors and emptying trash cans. Remember to restock with plenty of toilet paper, soap, towels, etc. And for goodness sake, clean out medicine cabinets – you know your nosy aunt will look.

Guest Rooms

When was the last time you dusted your guest room? We’re guessing not since before Coronavirus quarantine hit, so if you plan on hosting overnight guests this is an area you can’t skip. Make sure to get the ceiling fan and baseboards and do a thorough vacuum of carpets and upholstered surfaces. And of course, wash the linens including pillows and comforters.

Other Tips

On the day of the party, we recommend one final wipe down of areas that will get the most use such as the kitchen and bathrooms. And be prepared for spills by having cleaning supplies readily available to quickly pick up a mess without interrupting the flow of the party.

With these tips, you’re sure to be the hostess with the mostess this holiday season. And if you’d rather focus on the food than the cleaning, give us a call to get your house party ready.

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