Dust It Off!: This Is How to Eliminate Dust in Your Home

how to eliminate dust

Are you wondering how to get rid of dust in your home? Dust is a persistent problem that we all have to tackle every day.

Learning how to eliminate dust is important. More so for persons suffering from allergies, asthma, or other breathing complications. That is because dust could compromise their health and life quality.

Knowing some dusting tips will make a big difference in the air quality around your home. The tips for dusting will also prolong the life of appliances, electronics, and furniture.

You have to be alert and consistent in ensuring your home is dust-free at all times. Want to learn how to dust your home?

Keep reading this brief guide on how to eliminate dust in your home.

Keeping All Windows Closed

Closing windows seems counterintuitive, but keeping them open to get some fresh air increases the volume of dust around your home. The dust will enter as mold spores, pollen, and airborne pollutants.

When all the dust particles build up, you can see it on windowsills. Minimize the problem by closing all the windows, especially during windy days.

Investing in Doormats

Visitors will always track dirt into your home when they visit. Small dirt particles will be a major component of dust.

Consider using both exterior and interior doormats with a bristle top. That way, you will trap dirt and stop it from traveling all over your home.

Also, vacuum or wash the doormats regularly to prevent dirt from building up.

Wearing House-Only Shoes

In some areas, we consider removing shoes when you get into someone else house as good manners. But, some people despise the No Shoe Policy.

If they only knew that 80% of indoor dust enters through the bottom of peoples’ shoes, maybe they would rethink their reluctance.

You do not have to have a pile of shoes at the door. Have a shoe rack or boot tray where the visitors can place their shoes.

Also, buy a few slippers that visitors will wear in your house to avoid dealing with cold feet.

Do Not Blow Dust Around Your Home

Many manufacturers advise that you need to replace your HVAC filter after three months. But, changing it frequently reduces dust around your home.

You can use disposable and inexpensive filters that you can replace every 30 days. Setting a recurrent reminder on your phone or calendar is a good idea to avoid forgetting.

Also, you have to sweep or vacuum the furnace area. If you have an outdoor condenser unit, give it a good cleaning in autumn and spring.

Sticking to a Daily Cleaning Routine

Another dusting tip is having a daily cleaning routine. When it comes to dust in your home, prevention is better than cure. Contemplate creating a house cleaning routine and keep up with it.

It’s true; there will be days when you miss cleaning because of work or school tiresomeness. That’s okay, but pick up from where you left the next day.

If not, the dust bunnies will take over your home fast.

Damping It Down

Do not underestimate the power of water. By damping and dusting, you will eliminate about 90% of the dust around your home.

Also, plain water is an environmentally friendly cleanser. You will capture and hold dust using a damp mop or rag, which you then rinse down the drain.

Vacuuming Effectively

Individuals in your residence determine how often you need to vacuum. The best way is to vacuum the rooms wall-to-wall at least once a week.

Then, vacuum over high-traffic areas each day. But don’t just push the machine back and forth. Try and work it slowly, and also overlap the strokes.

Vacuuming fast does not allow the vacuum machine to suck up all the dust. After vacuuming wall to wall, place the machine at a right angle and then do it wall to wall again.

You remove more dust when you vacuum the floors the right way.

Controlling Dust Mites in Your Bed

Dust mites are the top risks of dust around your bed. Even though you clean your pillowcases and bed sheets every week, dust mites may still live in your pillows.

Also, we watch commercials about dander, dead skin flakes, and dust mites that build up in a mattress over time.

You need to vacuum your mattress seasonally and launder beddings frequently. Use a mild detergent when washing the beddings and pillowcases, then dry and fluff.

You can also dry clean them – you will breathe easier when sleeping, whichever one you choose.

Minimizing Clutter Around Your Home

There is less dust when you have less stuff sitting around your apartment. Deal with clutter issues to help get rid of dust in your home.

Clear the countertops off things you do not require to use daily. You can donate or give away the things you no longer require or no longer fit your taste.

Try and hang the clothes you are not wearing. That way, you clear the closet floor for easy vacuuming. Check on the floor under your bed – it is a bad dust magnet.

You Now Know How to Eliminate Dust in Your Home

It is somewhat impossible to maintain a home that is 100% dust-free. By learning the various tips for dusting, you will figure out how to eliminate dust and dust mites around your home.

Want to get rid of dust as much as possible?

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