Cleaning Day: When’s the Best Time To Clean Your Home?

cleaning day

Are you struggling to keep your home clean every week? Maintaining a schedule isn’t easy, but you need to fit regular cleaning sessions in between work and your other responsibilities. When’s the best time and day to clean? If you’re trying to pick a new official cleaning day, we want to help.

Keep reading to learn a few things that you should consider when you’re picking the best time to clean your home.

Is There a Best Season?

While you should be keeping your house relatively tidy year-round, did you know that there may be some seasons that require more cleaning than others? That’s right: there’s a “right” season to spend more time cleaning.

It’s helpful to clean your house more often during the winter months. But why?

During the winter, you likely don’t have windows open, meaning that the air inside is staying stagnant. You’ve turned on the heaters for the first time for the year and they’re sending dust into the home.

Winter is the perfect time to spend more time cleaning your home. It also gives you the opportunity to clean before the holidays so you can welcome guests without feeling nervous about a messy house.

How Often to Clean

How often should you clean your home anyway? This is going to vary depending on the household.

If you’re an adult without a pet who lives alone, it’s often enough to have a full cleaning session every other week as long as you “clean as you go” when you’re going about your daily tasks.

People with pets should clean at least once per week, even if it’s only a vacuuming session. You might not notice your pet’s fur anymore, but it’s sure to be lurking in your carpets.

For people with children, you may need to clean common areas multiple times per week. Children are messy and carry germs home with them from school. Regular disinfecting will keep your household safe and happy.

We recommend doing a bit of cleaning every single day if you want your “real cleaning session” to be as easy as possible. If you take a few moments every day to pick up after yourself, clean dishes, and run the vacuum, you’ll find that cleaning day is a breeze.

Best Day to Clean: What to Consider

So what about your weekly or biweekly cleaning sessions? When should you clean? Again, this varies. Not everyone has the same schedule, and you don’t want your life to revolve around cleaning day.

If the same person cleans every week, the primary concern is how their schedule aligns with the cleaning day. You want to pick a day when the person isn’t overburdened with other work. For most people, this is going to be a weekend day.

Weekends are also helpful because older children can help with the cleaning process. That said, young children can also get in the way of cleaning.

For most households, we recommend cleaning on Sundays. That way, you can start each week with a fresh and clean house.

Day or Night?

Is there a right time to clean the home on your chosen day? Again, this depends on your schedule. People who work traditional hours will have different ideal cleaning times from people who work odd hours or people who don’t work traditional jobs (such as stay-at-home parents).

If you have young children, we recommend cleaning when they’re not at home. This means that cleaning during the school day is best. While older children can (and should) help with daily chores, very young children might impede your progress.

Alternatively, if you work during your child’s school hours, consider cleaning after they go to bed. Make sure to do any loud cleaning (like vacuuming) before bedtime, however.

You should clean whenever you have the most energy. Morning people can clean bright and early while night owls may prefer cleaning while the rest of the world is asleep.

When to Deep Clean

So what about deep cleaning sessions? When should you do those?

For most households, a full deep cleaning session should happen between two and four times per year depending on your household and how tidy you keep your house regularly.

Many people choose to do deep cleaning sessions once per season. While we all know about spring cleaning, it’s no less common to do “winter cleaning,” “autumn cleaning,” and “summer cleaning.” You can shake off the dirt of the previous season and start the next one anew.

Professional Cleaning Considerations

If you choose to hire professional cleaners, you have to come up with the right schedule for your household. This may be different from your own personal cleaning schedule.

First, consider your budget. Can you afford to hire weekly cleaners or should you space out your cleaning sessions?

If possible, schedule your cleaning session for a day and time when people aren’t going to be bustling throughout the home. You want your professional cleaner to be able to do their work as efficiently as possible, so having an almost empty home is ideal.

If you want weekly cleaning but you work an irregular schedule, don’t be afraid to reach out to the cleaning service to talk about working out a time that works for you.

Is It Cleaning Day Yet?

There’s no one “cleaning day” that works for everyone. You need to consider your household, your own personal schedule, and your energy levels. Remember: the most important thing about cleaning day is that it happens at all.

If you’re ready to let someone else take care of keeping your home clean, we want to help! At Maid for You, our professional cleaners can match your schedule and make your home sparkle. Get a free quote today!

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