Toilet Cleaning 101: 7 Tips for a Clean, Fresh and Hygienic Toilet

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How often do you clean your toilet?

A gleaming toilet that smells clean and fresh can be a good mood booster. Even so, you have had to cope with bad odors emerging from the toilet on numerous occasions, which can make you hesitate to do toilet cleaning.

Many people also spend much time scrubbing away to avoid limescale buildup and other stains. You are all aware that the toilet seat is a commonly touched surface, making it a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and viruses that can cause infection and illness.

To address all of these concerns, you should not only clean your toilets correctly, but you also need the perfect product to do so.

We’ve included some simple toilet cleaning tips below to assist you in keeping your toilet looking fresh and clean for a couple of days. Continue reading to learn.

What Supplies Do You Need During Toilet Cleaning?

Before getting into the tips on cleaning your toilet, let’s first look at the toilet cleaning supplies needed for this task.

  • Tiff-bristle toilet brush
  • A toilet bowl cleaner
  • Disinfecting spray and wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Pumice stone on a stick
  • Cleaning gloves

After gathering the above toilet cleaning supplies, here are 7 tips for a clean, fresh and hygienic toilet:

1. Clean the Bathroom Often

Want to use less time cleaning your toilet? For this to happen, you should clean your bathroom regularly. Avoid taking a lot of time before cleaning your toilet because that is how dirt and germs accumulate, making it hard to clean.

Clean your toilet at least once per week. That quick clean per week will save you from doing that expensive monthly scrub down.

2. Use Vinegar

To deodorize and effectively clean your toilet, use vinegar. Vinegar is safe to use and entirely removes stains and contaminants without harming any part of your toilet.

Vinegar also removes corrosion and chemical buildup, making it suitable for your bathroom. Here is how to use vinegar during toilet cleaning:

  • Add 3 cups of vinegar to the toilet tank
  • Let the vinegar stand for over 30 minutes
  • Flash the toilet

You will be surprised at how effectively vinegar cleans your toilet.

3. Have a Toilet Toothbrush

Toothbrushes work best in cleaning nooks and crannies because of their size and bristliness. You will need rubber gloves when scrubbing your toilet with a toothbrush.

If other cleaning chemicals do not work, wet the brush, add some baking soda to form a paste and scrub the toilet’s dirty areas.

4. Have the Right Toilet Brush

A good toilet brush is the most crucial tool to have in your bathroom. The toilet brush should be long enough, easily gripped, and have firm bristles.

The bristles should be strong enough to do a thorough scrubbing while being flexible enough not to flick water on you.

Having the wrong brush will cost you more on time and money because you’ll end up replacing it every month. Don’t mind buying an expensive toilet brush because it will prove cost-effective and save you money.

5. Have Disinfecting Bleach Wipes

Disinfecting bleach wipes are good at cleaning toilets. Bleach wipes remain moist and usually pick up contaminates which cling on the bathroom sits.

Note that you should not flush wipes down the toilet as a form of disposal. Consider throwing away the wipes. Remember to encourage your household members to continually use disinfecting bleach wipes to avoid the buildup of stains.

6. Don’t Forget the Handles

Another breeding ground for bacteria is the toilet handle. Pay special attention to this area of your toilet. You may get germs from the handle because it is the one part that will most certainly come into contact with your hands.

Ensure you clean your toilet handle well, and if possible, coat your hand with either vinegar or disinfectant spray before touching the bathroom handle.

7. Avoid Bathroom Carpets

The bathroom carpet is a conducive place to grow germs and may have solid and yucky odors. Consider having a bathmat instead. A bathmat doesn’t keep water stagnant, and it’s easy to clean.

How to Clean Your Toilet

Here is the cleaning procedure to implement to clean toilet hygienically:

Wipe down everything – Use the disinfecting bleach wipes on doorknobs, faucets, toilet handles, and anything else your hand contacts.

The shower – Use vinegar to clean the showerhead. Ensure you also unclog the bathtub by removing the stopper and hair catcher to get rid of any gunk accumulated.

The bathtub – Avoid using bleach or vinegar on enamel and acrylic tubs because they fade quickly.

The sink – Treat the bathroom sink with the same care as the bathtub. The sink is like a small bathtub.

The toilet – Ensure you scrub the toilet thoroughly a few times a week with bleach products.

Signs Your Toilet Cleaning Procedure Is Not Effective

Having read the above toilet cleaning tips, let’s look at the several ways to know your toilet cleaning procedures are ineffective.

  • Unpleasant bathroom smells
  • Dirt, smudge, and dust on doorknobs
  • Filthy bathroom floors
  • The sink rim and bowl have grime and old soap all around
  • Often running out of paper towels and other bathroom supplies
  • Trash cans are overflowing, and trash is accumulating on the toilet floor
  • The toilet disposal containers are either full, broken or damaged

Consider the Above Tips for Toilet Cleaning

The toilet seat is one of the most used sit by everyone in your household. Toilet cleaning is paramount to maintaining a hygienic environment for everyone.

Whether it’s at home or your business place, clean toilets will tell a lot about you. A proper business bathroom shows that you are taking care of the health of your employees.

At Maidforyounh, we are dedicated to providing the best cleaning services in the industry.

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