How to prepare for a house cleaning 101

house cleaning 101

Homeowner Preparation for House Cleaning

In this installment of the Maid for You blog, we hone in on how to prepare for a house cleaning. Taking just a few preliminary steps empowers the homeowner to get the maximum value from the service. You’ve made the commitment to hire a maid service. Now, what do you need to do in preparation for a house cleaner?

Keep Your Scheduled Appointment

Whenever possible, mark your calendar and be sure to stick to the scheduled date and time. Sometimes rescheduling is necessary, but giving some advance notice of changes can better assist the maid service to meet all cleaning obligations.

Tidy Up to Save Time

Unless you have established guidelines for the items in the list below, you should take care of these tasks in advance to alleviate unnecessary clutter for the cleaner. By doing this, the cleaner will not have to move as much around and can focus on what you hired them to do.

  • Pick things up off the floor
  • Put away laundry
  • Clean up toys
  • Do the dishes
  • Clean off counters

Notify the Maid Service of Special Circumstances

Typically, a homeowner will have a checklist of items for the cleaning service that has been established in advance. If you don’t need a room cleaned one week, but need a focus on something else, leave a note or contact the service with the update in advance. More time-consuming requests that are not on the pre-established checklist should be coordinated prior to the date of the cleaning. Cleaning technicians have the contracted amount of time to complete the required items; deviations from the list such as emptying and cleaning a refrigerator would not be possible without planning ahead.

Winter/Hot Weather Preparation

Depending on where you are located, you may need to prepare for cleaning in times of inclement weather. If it snows, be sure that driveways are plowed and walkways are shoveled. In times of extreme heat, have the air conditioner on and open window on days where the cleaning technician will be at the home. Consider reasonable working conditions for the cleaning technicians as they move through the home quickly doing concentrated cleaning tasks.

Payment at the Time of Service

Payment is usually expected at the time of service. Pre-arranged credit payments or electronic payments through apps are also utilized.

By taking the time to prepare for the cleaning technician visit, you will be able to walk into a squeaky clean home and enjoy the time you don’t have to spend cleaning!

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