Questions homeowners should ask before hiring a maid or cleaning service. As homeowners, we want to be certain our homes are in the best hands to maintain safety and home value.

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In our second installment of the Maid for You blog, we explore the questions homeowners should ask before hiring a maid or cleaning service. As homeowners, we want to be certain our homes are in the best hands to maintain safety and home value.

1) Does the cleaning or maid service have workers compensation insurance?

This is the priority question to ask before contracting with a maid service. If an employee of the service gets hurt in a home, and they do not have liability insurance, then the homeowner is considered the employer. The homeowner would be liable for all of the medical costs associated with the injury. With the rising cost of healthcare, this could be disastrous for a homeowner.

2) Is the cleaning or maid service covered with liability insurance?

Liability insurance is critical for protection from damage or breakage to things such as hardwood floors or stone. The average coverage for liability insurance for cleaning services is $1,000,000. Be sure to confirm coverage with the cleaning service prior to hiring as homeowners want to maintain home value.

3) Who will provide the cleaning supplies?

There is a mixed-bag of preferences/options for homeowners. However, due to OSHA guidelines, a reputable maid service usually provides their own supplies. A homeowner may have a preference for a specific product, but this is a conversation that should happen prior to hire to ensure safety and product training. Again, this could also connect to a workers compensation claim if the employee had a reaction to a homeowner provided cleaning product. In terms of cost, homeowners should identify who will supply the products to factor into the overall estimated cost of service.

4) Will it be a team of people coming into the house or one person?

As homeowners, we want to know exactly who will be coming into our homes. If it is one person, will it be the same person every visit? If it is a team, will the team members vary? How does the maid service vet their employees? Cleaning services may need to adjust who cleans due to illness or other circumstances, so the homeowner should discuss any concerns prior to using a service. If homeowners prioritize safety, knowing who is coming into the home is an essential part of hiring a maid or cleaning service.

5) Why do cleaning and maid services provide a range of times for arrival/cleaning?

While most homeowners do not rely on a specific arrival time, establishing when the maid service will be in the home is an important conversation to have. There may be slight variances in arrival times due to accessing the homes, travel time, unanticipated events, etc. Homeowners should discuss their timing needs with prospective cleaning services to ensure it is a good fit for any special considerations such as working from home, etc. Flexibility can help the service meet each individual client’s needs.

6) How does the maid or cleaning service handle holidays?

A professional maid service should provide a list of closed days so the client has set expectations. For
example, it may not be the best fit for a homeowner if the service is closed the day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas.

7) What happens if a homeowner is dissatisfied with the service provided?

Prior to hiring a maid service, be sure to ask about what the company offers if they fail to meet customer expectations. Some companies will offer a 100% money back guarantee. Other companies have a clause that states if the customer is not satisfied with the service provided, they will return to make sure the job is done correctly as soon as possible. Typically, this would be a return within 24 hours (or first thing Monday if it is a weekend). If this is not homeowner preference, then be sure to identify a company that offers the money back guarantee. Furthermore, there are some maid services that offer a hybrid option by returning to fix the concern area first and then give money back if the customer is not satisfied.

8) What form of payment does the company accept?

If a service strictly accepts only cash, that is a red flag to look for another company. Most professional level services require a credit card on file. Some will also charge prior to the service. Other companies require payment on the day of service. A savvy homeowner will identify the option that works best for them.

When making the choice about which maid service to hire, be sure to ask the questions above and anything else specific to your preferences for cleaning. A reputable service will be eager to provide you with the answers to make an informed decision.

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