Maid For You, Making A Difference.

Maid For You, Making A Difference

Cleaning For a Reason

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Maid for You (MFY) blog highlights its partnership with Cleaning for a Reason. This national non-profit provides free housecleaning to people who are fighting cancer.

Cleaning for a Reason is a worldwide non-profit organization that has provided over 12,000 house cleanings to date. Maid for You supports giving back, and this partnership is a way to serve the local community. To keep the participant base local, MFY asks its customer base for potential area patients. The goal is to clean one home once a month; each patient receives two free cleanings. Then, a new family is selected for Cleaning for a Reason.

The stress and exhaustion for someone battling cancer can be alleviated by the house cleanings. The Maid for You staff are eager to complete these cleaning–they focus on the home, so the patients can focus on their health. It is also a way to keep the home clean and tidy when the immune system is weakened throughout treatment.

If you know of somebody in the area who is undergoing cancer treatment and could benefit from Cleaning for a Reason, contact Maid for You, or share that this a free service that the MFY staff are happy to provide.

Maid for You specializes in house cleaning and maid services in the Concord, New Hampshire area including the communities of Penacook, Pembroke, Hopkinton, and Canterbury.

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