What about My Privacy?

The September Maid for You blog drills down into an important question for many homeowners: How do I know my privacy will be respected by my maid service?

To begin with, a reputable maid service will always have a homeowners’ privacy at the forefront when providing their services. If a homeowner has done their homework and hired a professional maid service, they can usually be assured that privacy will not be an issue. Management completes a thorough vetting process for their employees. All employees sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to going into homes. Basically, this form states that whatever the staff see in a customer’s home, they are not allowed to talk about. The staff also may not take pictures that distinguish the home from another. While the cleaning industry does provide many before and after photos to highlight services, they require staff to make the pictures generic by zooming in on the objects. You can also take a few additional steps to further protect your privacy:

  • Install cameras in the home
  • Put away personal items such as bank statements/credit card bills in drawers
  • Only open doors you want the maid service to enter
  • Ask if the cleaning service provides their own products so drawers/cabinets can remain closed
  • Discuss any additional privacy concerns in advance of the scheduled service
  • Hire the maid service based on local feedback/referrals

Additionally, there is simply not time for the staff to rifle through drawers and cabinets and still complete their job. In order for the cleaning process to move fluidly, staff have to be focused and efficient. If you have ever seen the staff in action, they are hustling to move through the job and on a time crunch to get to the next client. Staff also have to complete their tasks within the time frame as outlined by the cleaning contract. There is a checklist that must be filled out and unfulfilled tasks would be detrimental for a respectable maid service.

By taking the time to research a trustworthy company and meet with management, a homeowner can feel confident their privacy will be respected at the time of service.

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