The Cycle of Cleaning

The Cycle of Cleaning

Do you ever feel like cleaning your house is a never-ending cycle? Well, we hate to state the obvious, but IT IS! Much like the seasons, keeping your home clean happens in ebbs and flows over the course about a year. From maintenance cleaning that keeps everything looking tidy, to that dreaded deep clean you force yourself to complete each year it all plays a role in a truly clean home.


The good news for you? We provide all the services you need to achieve a clean home so that you can enjoy your free time rather than breaking out those rubber gloves that are hiding under the sink. But did you know that a one-time deep clean even by a professional isn’t enough to keep your home truly clean forever? Read on to learn more about how we can get your home sparkling clean – and how we keep it that way with our yearly cleaning cycle.



Initial deep cleaning


When it comes to getting your home Maid For You clean, (you know, REALLY clean) the first step in the cycle is the deep clean. We do an initial deep clean in which every detail of the home is hand washed – and we mean every detail.


During a deep clean we:


– Hand wash the door moldings and frames, window sills and frames, lock ledges, baseboards, ceiling fans, and light fixtures

– Scrub the toilet base and plumbing behind the toilet, showers, and tracks of the shower

– Degrease filters under the microwave

– Wash, scrub, and treat cabinet fronts

– Vacuum baseboards behind the headboards of beds

– Vacuum all the furniture and if it’s leather, treat with leather cleaner

– Perform some miracles by getting stains out of toilets, sinks, and showers; getting the drain brushes deep into the drains; cleaning grout; eliminating hard water buildup from around the fixtures; making glass stovetops sparkling clean again.


Not only does this deep clean give you a fresh start, but it also makes maintenance cleanings easier and faster. To be truly effective, a deep clean needs to occur about every 12 to 18 months. This is because those pesky little dust particles build up in the corners and we need to start the cycle over by digging out the toothbrushes and hand washing everything again.


Maintenance cleaning


In between those yearly deep cleans, there are a lot of areas that need attention and we’ve laid those out for you in the list below. Maintaining a dust free/sanitized home is more important than ever right now because viruses can hide in the biofilm stuck to your home’s surfaces. A clean home means a healthy home and who wouldn’t want that?


During maintenance cleaning we:


– Dust walls, moldings, baseboards, heaters, furniture, under furniture, shelving and knick knacks, along with bed, door, and window frames and ledges

– Make beds and change linens

– Wash inside of windows, sinks, vanities, toilets, showers, countertops, cabinets, and appliances

– Vacuum stairs, furniture, carpets, and wash all hard flooring


As you can see, it’s a cycle of deep cleaning, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance and then deep cleaning again. Something to make note of is that eventually, things will need to be replaced such as worn out baseboards or repainting walls and trim. The beauty of keeping up with maintenance and deep cleans is that it extends the life of these items in your home! We know it can be overwhelming to complete the huge task of deep cleaning your home, so let us take care of it for you. Call to schedule your deep cleaning or maintenance cleaning today.



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