Top 9 Tips for Cleaning Your Room

tips for cleaning your room

According to the ACI National Cleaning Survey of 2019, 33% of Americans don’t think they clean every area of their home often enough. 42% of people think cleaning their closets and organizing their clothes should be most important.  Do you have trouble knowing how to clean your room? This guide will provide important tips for cleaning your room to make the process easier. Keep reading to learn what they are.

1. Put Away Your Laundry

First on the list of cleaning tips is putting your laundry away. Do you have a pile of unfolded, clean laundry on a corner of your bed? Start by folding these clothes and putting them where they belong.

Do you have dirty clothes thrown all over the floor or jackets hanging on a chair in your room? Collect all these items and place them in the hamper you have for your dirty laundry.

Once you’ve organized your clean and dirty laundry you can move on to other tasks that need your attention.

2. Clean Your Bedding

The next item on your list for cleaning your room should be taking care of your bedding. Remove your sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and even your mattress covers. Cover your mattress with a clean blanket so no dirt and debris fall on it while you clean the rest of your room.

Put the bulkiest items to wash first since these take the most time. Make sure you aren’t overstuffing your washer or dryer so your bedding can be cleaned properly. Air dry these items if they don’t fit in the machine.

3. Remove Any Clutter You Have

Next on the list of cleaning tips and tricks is removing all the clutter you find. While decluttering might seem like an annoying task it’s actually an important form of self-care. Decluttering your room can improve your mental health.

Anything you have laying around on your dresser or night table should be removed and stored. Any cups or water bottles should be taken to the kitchen.

Collect trash in a bag and take it out of your room. Put the makeup you left on top of your dresser back into your makeup bag.

4. Reorganize Your Closet

Some spring cleaning tips you should take up include reorganizing your closet. It’s easy to throw things into your closet and close the door without care. You can’t have a clean room without an organized closet, however.

Take everything out of your closet and put it on your bed. Start sorting through your clothes.

Make separate piles for clothes you want to keep and clothes you want to donate. If you’re not sure about an outfit try it on to see if it fits. Go through the same process with your shoes too.

5. Look Through Your Drawers

You also want to take this time to sort your drawers. Since you’ve already organized your closet, this part of cleaning will feel a lot easier.

Take everything out if needed. Refold your undergarments and put them all in one drawer. Reserve one drawer for socks too.

If you use any drawers for toiletries you can separate them in baskets or bins to keep them more organized.

6. Check Underneath the Bed

If you keep any items stored under your bed you should also reorganize them now that you’re cleaning your room. Take everything out and throw out any trash you find.

If there are any lost socks throw those into your dirty laundry hamper. Put any pet toys away in a separate bin. Check your winter coats to see if you want to donate any of them.

7. Don’t Forget to Dust

Next on the list of house cleaning tips is dusting. This is a vital task you can’t forget if you want a clean bedroom.

You’ll want to start by dusting the walls and windows in your room first. Use a cloth mop with a long handle to reach these hard-to-reach areas.

Dust the walls next. Work your way from the top to the bottom.

Don’t forget to dust your blinds. You should wipe down all hard surfaces with a microfiber cloth.

8. Focus on the Floor Last

Once you’ve removed everything from your floor it’s time to clean it. If you’ve completed the other items on your list this should be one of the last things you need to do.

Vacuum or sweep your floor. Don’t forget to sweep under your bed as well.

Move your furniture around so you don’t miss any area in the room. Use a floor cleaner to mop your room’s floor as well.

Once you’ve finished cleaning your floor you can bring your bedding back in if it’s dry. Put your mattress cover back on your mattress.

Put the sheets and pillowcases back on too. The comforter should go on the bed last.

9. Hire a Cleaning Service to Help You

If you want a spotless bedroom without doing any work yourself you should consider hiring a cleaning service. These companies have well-trained professionals that know how to properly clean every area of your home.

Check out the cleaning services we offer at Maid For You. Whether you need a deep cleaning or simple dusting, we’ll take care of everything for you. You won’t even have to worry about buying any cleaning supplies or products.

Follow These Tips for Cleaning Your Room

Follow these tips for cleaning your room if you want to simplify the process. Remember to clear the clutter first and then focus on dusting your room.

You can also hire a team of professional home cleaners to help you. Request a quote from Maid for You today.

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